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Why VBC?

We don't do everything, just Boxing and Muay Thai but what we do, we do the best.

We don't do group instructor promotional photos trying to look mean, it is not Vanda, the largest membership in Singapore speaks to our coaches strengths.

We believe in facilities, our sport may not require much but what it does require, you should have the best and we deliver.

We believe in supporting our sport in the community, which is why we are the only club that financially sponsors national athletes, the national sporting association and our members who represent the club.

We believe in charity, to date members from our club have raised over $2m for children's charities in Asia through their boxing.

We believe in making our sport open to all, regardless of age or gender, which is why we have members as young as 4 and as old as 64, along with the largest female membership of any club in Asia.

We believe our sport is the most holistic fitness system in the world and your end game need not be competition to enjoy it.

Come, meet us and see why we have gone beyond being a boxing club to becoming a movement.